The timeless R&B wonder-Charlie Wilson

Charlie Wilson has been making hit music since the 80's as a member of The Gap Band and now, over 30 years later, he continues to make #1 hits that are played on contemporary R&B stations. How does he do it? Although he once told me in an interview that he never listenes to today's music, Uncle Charlie has a keen feel for what people want to hear on the radio. (He picked up the moniker "Uncle Charlie" from Snoop Dogg, who had a habit of calling all of his friends "nephew"; but after meeting Charlie he chose to call him "Uncle Charlie" out of respect for all that he brought to the music game.)

Charlie is also a survivor in other areas of life. After leaving The Gap Band in the 90's his drug use brought him to the brink of addiction and had him living on the streets. He credits his wife of 30 years for saving his life. He also beat cancer. On a personal note he is one of the kindest and giving people I've ever met. He always has time to take a picture with a fan and he treats everyone, from his stage crew to the djs who play his music. He's also a very spiritual man, gathering his entire crew and praying for the safe return of everyone in his audience before he give a performance.

Needless to say, I'm a great admirer of Charlie Wilson and I consider him to be a friend. But then again everyone he meets would consider him a friend; just like Charlie would like it.

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