Oscar's ratings lowest in 8 years

According to Neilson Sunday night's Oscar telecast had the lowest TV ratings in the past eight years. The overnight numbers, which measures 56 of the nation's largest markets, gave the telecast an estimated audience of 23.4 million viewers; which is still a healthy number. Perhaps it was the lack of diversity boycott that kept the numbers down or maybe it was just the painfully long and slow pace of the over three hour broadcast that kept audience numbers low.

Either way the Chris Rock hosted broadcast suffered from some "epic fails" in it's attempt to make light of the fact that not one single black actor was nominated in any of the acting categories. The biggest awkward moment of the night was Stacey Dash's appearance endorsing black history month after she previously stated on social media that she saw no need for it. The audience in attendance was notably stunned by her first and probably last appearance at the Oscars.

As far as the awards were concerned, Leonardo DeCaprio won his first Oscar, after being nominated six times previously without a win, for the movie The Revenant.

Click here for a complete list of the winners.

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