Oprah Endorsement Hasn't Helped Weight Watchers

You may have wondered why billionaire Oprah Winfrey has been endorsing Weight Watchers on TV. Well in the name of full discolsure she announced in October of 2015 that she would take a 10% stake in the weight loss company and since then, she’s actively promoted the brand via her social channels. The media mogel has nearly 32 million Twitter followers and 5.2 million fans on Instagram.

However, her backing of the company hasn’t helped boost sales. Weight Watchers late last month reported a fourth-quarter loss and a 21% drop in revenue as the company’s subscriber count decreased. Weight Watchers, like many of its diet-loss rivals, has lost a great portion of their subscribers as consumers turn to other methods to lose weight.The proliferation of smartphone apps has become a particularly problematic threat in recent years.

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