DIFF Kicks Off Tonight With Red Carpet Event at Dallas City Performance Hall

Tonight at 7 THE LAND kicks off the 10th Annual Dallas International Film Festival. The red carpet screening will be at Dallas City Performance Hall in The Dallas Arts District at 2520 Flora St. The film is produced by NAS and Erykah Badu also co-stars as "Momma", described in the movie's press notes as "a notorious drug queenpin and the leader of the toughest gang in town".

Here's a brief synopsis of the film:

Teenage buddies Cisco, Boobie, Junior, and Patty Cake skateboard the streets of Cleveland, Ohio, dreaming of getting discovered by a sponsor and skating their way out of poverty. That is until the boys discover a bag full of pills in the back of a stolen car. Cisco’s entrepreneurial instincts take over, and in a flash their lives get better. But no one counted on having to come face to face with the cold, calulating, and notorious drug queenpin, “Momma,” played by Erykah Badu.

Click here to check out the full schedule of films for this years' DIFF.

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