Movie Review-Keanu

If you’re familiar with Key & Peele’s sketch comedy show on Comedy Central then you know what type of humor to expect in their first feature film, Keanu. It silly, sophomoric and it’s a totally ridiculous film. But if you can overlook all of that; it’s pretty dang funny.

The ridiculous premise of the film is that two suburban friends, Rell (Peele) and Clarence (Key) must pose as drug dealers in order to get back their pet cat. The cat, after escaping from a gun battle, ends up at Rell’s door and he and the cute little feline develop an instant attachment. When an LA street gang breaks into his house by mistake (a drug dealer next door was their intended target) they take the adorable tabby and “thug him out” and make him the mascot of their gang, The Blips. (The gang is called The Blips because the gang members are so bad that they have been rejected by The Bloods and The Crips.)

The comedy team lampoon ever known black stereotype known to man and play against the grain as the two softest gangsters in the history of LA gangs. Rell is an emotional mess after recently breaking up with his girlfriend and Clarence is a suburban husband who is whipped by his wife (played by Nia Long) and who also goes into frenzy for George Michael music. The movie is seriously funny.

Keanu is rated “R” for some very adult situations (violence, drug us and nudity) and it has a run time of 98 minutes. If you like a raunchy comedy this is a movie for you. On my “Hollywood Popcorn Scale” I rate it a LARGE.

Hollywood Hernandez

Check out a trailer for the movie here. (Warning-it's the unedited version.)

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