Movie Review-Money Monster

Money Monster could easily be a story ripped from today’s headlines. George Clooney plays a TV talk show host on a news network that amazingly resembles CNBC and Julia Roberts plays his producer. When an investor, who lost all of his money on a stock Clooney’s character (Lee Gates) recommended, takes over the live broadcast at gunpoint the clock starts ticking on this drama to find out how a major corporation lost $800 million dollars of the investors money in one day.

The movie moves at a fast pace. We quickly discover that some “human involvement” was at work at the time the stock took a huge tumble and that the CEO of the company was not where he claimed to be on the company’s corporate jet. It all unravels “live on the air” while most of America has their eyes glued on the TV show Money Monster.

Clooney drives this movie. He’s on camera for most of the film and carries off the task of holding the audience for the entire story; both on camera for the TV viewers in the film and for the movie watchers in the theater. The movie also has a few funny moments that are a release for the intense drama on the big screen.

Money Monster runs for only one hour and thirty eight minutes. I liked that. The movie tells the story quickly and gets right to the payoff for the film. (I wish more movies were like that.)

Money Monster is rated “R” for strong language throughout the film and it also contains a few comical sexual references. It’s not an epic film, but Money Monster is a satisfying one. On my “Hollywood Popcorn Scale” I rate this movie a LARGE.

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