Movie Review-Gleason

Gleason is documentary that tells the story of Steve Gleason, a New Orleans Saints special teams player who is diagnosed with ALS. Steve Gleason's football career became legendary when he blocked a punt, which was recovered by the Saints for a touchtown, in the teams' first home game after hurricane Katrina. The play, and a Saints win that day, helped to revive the entire community of New Orleans.

In this touching and inspiring movie Gleason begins a video journal for his unborn son. The journal gives us incredible personal insight into what it's like for someone who is suffering with this uncurable disease. We go along on Steve's journey and see how with ALS a healthy mind is betrayed by an unhealthy body. First he loses him motor skills then, eventually, he loses his ability to speak. We see him at his worst and we see him at his best.

The film's executive producer is Gleason's former Saint team mate Drew Brees. It was an obvious labor of love for the New Orleans QB who appears through out the movie offering his support for Gleason and for his foundation, which was founded to help other people who are living with ALS. Gleason's organization also had a big influence on congress in getting a bill passed that would require insurance companies to pay for devices that allow patients with ALS to communicate through sight technology.

Gleason who at age 34 was given three to five years to live is still alive today. He's an inspirational figure and this is an uplifting movie that is not to be missed. It's rated R for stong language and has a run time of one hour and fifty minutes. (Be sure and stay til the very end of the credits for some funny out takes from the movie.) On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate Gleason a Jumbo! Hollywood Hernandez

Click here to see a preview of the movie.

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