Movie Review-Sausage Party

Back in the 70's there was an unrated cartoon called, "Fritz the Cat". He was a rebel cat from the 60's who dropped out of college and "found himself" in the 70's cultural scene provided by The Hell's Angels and Black Panthers. Well Sausage Party is the new millinium's Fritz the Cat. It is one raunchy movie. While there are a few over the top laughs in Sausage Party it is an uneven movie with long periods without much of anything going on. The movie starts off with some good gags but it quickly becomes dull and then a rush is on at the end of the movie, seemingly, to get in all the over the top rauchiness that the ensemble cast can fit in before it ends. It's the uneveness of the story that made me leave the theater feeling unsatisfied.

The movie has an odd combination of creative influences. The team of actors who were responsible for the apocolyptic comedy, "This is the End", provide the character voices for the vittles in the movie. They include Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Michael Cena and Salma Hayek. But the directors are straight from the world of animated features. Greg Tierman directed the animated series Thomas and Friends (a series of cartoons about a train engine and his group of friends) and, the movie's other director, Conrad Vernon, produced most of the Shrek movies and another kids animated movie called, Monsters Vs Aliens.

The premise of the story is the food in the supermarket believes that when they leave the store they go to "the great beyond", but slowly the word gets out that all they are is nourishment for the shoppers who take them out of the store.

Sausage Party is rated "R" for crude language, sexual content and drug use. The cute little hotdogs may attract kids' interest in the movie, but trust me, there is nothing in this movie that a child should be able to watch. The novelty of an animated movie where the characters curse and fornicate wears off pretty quickly. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate Sausage Party a MEDIUM. Hollywood Hernandez

Click here to see a trailer from the movie.

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