Movie Review-War Dogs

Todd Phillips (The Hangover series) directs this crazy caper/comedy that is based on actual events. Bradley Cooper (another Hangover alum) has a small part in the film and is also the film's executive producer. Jonah Hill and Miles Teller star in the film which has both action and comedy.

Hill plays Efraim, a real hustler who's discovers a way to make money selling arms and ammo to the U.S. Goverment. (On the internet, of course.) Teller plays David in the movie. David has known his fair share of failed business ventures since leaving high school. He and Hill were hell raising high school buddies. So after a crash course in bidding on the low hanging fruit in the goverment contracts David joins forces with Efaim as an international arms dealer.

Hill, a fast talking chameleon who can change his persona to fit the situation, is the exact opposite of David. Together the two make a great team and are a great comedy pairing on screen. The vulgar and flashy Efraim soon gets the team into trouble with his underhanded and shady business dealings.

War Dogs, despite being a story about two weapons dealers, has a strong anti-war sentiment. Everybody through out the movie points out how much they hate Bush, Cheney and the war, but that doesn't prevent them from trolling in the war's muddy waters in their attempt to get rich quick.

In the end Efraim's dirty dealings get the attention of the FBI and (spoiler alert) both men end up behind bars, but it is one hell of a ride up until that point. War Dogs is rated R for language, violence drug use and some sexual situations. It has a run time of 114 minutes and on my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I give War Dogs a LARGE.

Hollywood Hernandez

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