Last Summer Weekend at the Movies

Labor Day Weekend is a real pivotal change in movie company strategies. It's kinda like the weekend fast food joints take to change the grease for the french fries. The movie studios use this transitional weekend to reload and rework their movie strategy. With the unofficial end of summer comes the end, with a few rare exceptions, of the big blockbuster, special effects movies and a transition to films that are more geared toward adults and with an eye to Oscar nominations.

Sully, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Tom Hanks is one of the "quality movies" headed your way next weekend (it opens nationwide on September 9th). We've already had Hands of Stone released in a limited number of theaters (see my review in the archives) and Antoine Fuqua's remake of the Magnificent Seven starring Denzel Washington, and an all star cast, opens September 23rd.

Other eagerly anticipated films coming out between now and Christmas include Snowden, an espionage thriller directed by Oliver Stone, Birth of a Nation, the story of Nate Turner who led a slave uprising with the hope of leading blacks to freedom, and Loving, the story of an inter-racial couple who are sentenced to prison simply for being a married in the south.

So, this weekend, catch up the blockbusters, superhero movies and the movies with load explosions that you may have missed this summer because come next week it's a brand new game at the movies. Get ready for some quality films and some "grown folks" movies at your local movieplex. It's my favorite time of the year.

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