Movie Review-Magnificent Seven

I am always fearful of becoming "that old man" who thought everything was so much better in "the good old days", but the remake of The Magnificent Seven by director Antoine Fuqua reminds me of the great old western movies of my youth like The Wild Bunch, True Grit, A Fist Full of Dollars and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Those were all morality plays with good versus evil and an obvious outlaw versus a noble defender of the people. The new Magnificent Seven is right there in the same spirit with the before mentioned classics. If I could have (like you could do in the old days) I'd would have sat in the theater all day and watched the movie over and over again (it's that good).

The Magnificent Seven is the best western genre movie that I've seen since 1992's Clint Eastwood's movie, Unforgiven. But this is a grittier and more graphic movie. I'd call it a "New School Version" of the old western classic film. There's no begging for mercy by the outlaws in this film. The Magnificent Seven's characters are shooting and killing with no remorse.

Denzel Washington, who won his best actor Oscar working with Fuqua on Training Day, is the star of the film. He plays Sam Chisolm, the leader of the Seven. Ethan Hawke, also from Training Day, is Goodnight Robicheaux, the former lawman and expert sharp shooter in the bunch. Chris Pratt plays Josh Faraday. He offers most of the movie's comic relief as a card playing, gambling and hard drinking hired gun. Vincent D'Onofrio (Detective Goren on Law and Order-Criminal Intent) also offers some serious comedy as a mountain man with a high pitched voice. In his first scene in the movie he's described as "a bear wearing people clothes."

The first third of the movie is a comedy as Sam Chisolm recruits his Magnificent Seven along the way to Rose Creek, a town where an evil gold mine owner is terrorizing the entire town; grabbing up land and keeping the townspeople in line with an army of hired guns. That is until Denzel and his posse come to town and fight back to try and get the homes and land back for the citizens of Rose Creek.

This movie is so much fun with plenty of gunfights, horse riding, fighting and plenty of explosions and laughs to go along with it. The Magnificent Seven is a thrill ride. It really is a movie you'll want to see more than once.

The Magnificent Seven is rated "PG-13" for it's old west violence and it has a run time of two hours and twelve minutes. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" it is off the chart and gets my highest rating ever; A JUMBO POPCORN with a JUMBO SODA! Hollywood Hernandez

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