Movie Review-Masterminds

Zach Galifinakas has over fifty acting credits on his resume; or perhaps it could be said that he's played the same character over and over again in more than fifty films. Nothing different in this one. He plays the same fat, stumbling, bumbling character he played in The Hangover. Back then that act was still funny, now, it's growing old. Sure, Mastermind has plenty of laughs, but non of them are from actual words on a page. It's all slapstick comedy with plenty of goofs coming from silly, physical humor. If that's your cup of tea, you'll love this movie. Masterminds is actually based on a true story about a security guard (Galifinakas) who is convinced to rob the vault of the security company he works for by a former co-worker (Kristen Wiig), who he is sweet on. Owen Wilson plays Steve, the girls childhood friend and a petty criminal, who is the mastermind of the biggest robbery ever in the United States. David loads an armored car with $17 Million and delivers it to Steve. Galifinakis' character then flees to Mexico with the promise that his sweetie (Wiig) will soon be joining him. However, David's "girlfriend" and his "partner" play him for a fool when they start spending the money and leave Galifinakas on the lamb in Mexico. On top of that, Wilson sends a hired killer south of the border to quiet David forever. Sometimes I get the impression that movie companies simply make movies for the young crowd who likes get high and laugh at something silly. Masterminds is that kind of a movie. By the way, I was stone cold sober but, I laughed at some silly moments in the film but overall I just didn't find enough "meat on the bone" to feel satisfied. The movie is rated PG-13 for overall crudness and mercifully it lasts just over an hour and a half (94 minutes). On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" Masterminds rates a SMALL. Hollywood Hernandez

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