Movie Review-The Accountant

In the movie The Accountant Ben Affleck plays Christian Wolff a math savant who is great with numbers, but not so good around people. Diagnosed with Autism as a boy his military father trains him, and his brother, to be martial arts experts; knowing that as the grow older they will both be treated differently. However, the training goes way beyond just teaching him self defense. His cruel father hires martial arts experts who turn the boys into killing machines. Now as an adult Affleck's character is a CPA with a deep, dark secret. He works freelance for any terrorist organization that needs their books cooked to look legit. He also has to kill a few of them along the way. However, the Treasury Department is now hot on his trail so he takes a job with a legitimate American company and it turns out to be his most dangerous job ever. John Lithgow is the CEO of the robotics firm and he has secrets of his own. His intention is to see if Christian Wolff can detect his hidden assets and when he does indeed find them; people involved with the company start dying. That's when the movie gets good. Affleck is a one man army hellbent on revenge and on protecting a young female collegue (Anna Kendrick) who he's developed a connection with. There are a few interesting plot twists in the last hour of the movie and that's also where most of the action is. The problem with the movie is that the first half if the film is slow and a bit boring. Overall The Accountant is an uneven film that eventually pays off at the end but the problem is trying to stay awake during the slow parts. The movie is rated R for violence and runs a bit over two hours. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" The Accountant rates a MEDIUM.

Hollywood Hernandez

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