Movie Review-Patriots Day

PATRIOTS DAY is a story ripped right out of the headlines. It's the actual account of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. PATRIOTS DAY follows the events leading up to the bombing and the aftermath of the unspeakable act of terror. Mark Wahlberg plays Police Sergeant TOMMY SAUNDERS, who is on the scene and on duty at the finish line when the bombings take place. He joins the courageous survivors, first responders and investigators in a race against the clock.

The story involves the real people who were involved in the tragic event. Special Agent RICHARD DESLAURIERS (Kevin Bacon), Police Commissioner ED DAVIS (John Goodman), Sergeant JEFFREY PUGLIESE (J.K. Simmons) and nurse CAROL SAUNDERS (Michelle Monaghan) are all chronicled in a story that captures the suspense of one of the most sophisticated manhunts in law enforcement history.

There are several things you'll walk away knowing after this film. One, when terrorism is involved in an incident on U.S. soil, thanks to The Patriots act, there is nothing out of bounds in a federal investigation. Secondly, the movie shows the real lives of first responders. Even while they are involved in a critical race against time to catch the suspects, they still have lives and loved ones that occupy their hearts and minds. And finally you'll know about the true spirit of Americans (specifically Bostonians) who cannot be defeated by a shocking act of cowardice. "Boston Strong" is real and lives in the souls of the people of Boston.

PATRIOTS DAY will move and inspire you. At the end the movie has interviews with the real people who investigated and were effected by the blast. So, be sure and stay until the very end.

PATRIOTS DAY is rated "R" for violence and some very realistic injury scenes. On my 'Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate the movie a JUMBO. Hollywood Hernandez

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