Movie Review-Logan

Logan is the last of the trilogy of Wolverine movies and it is a very different kind of X-Men movie. First of all it's the first X-Men movie with an "R" rating. The violence in the movie is much more than just implied. The blood flows and body parts are severed in this movie's fight scenes. This is definitely not a movie for kids who collect X-Men figures in their happy meals.

However the Logan in this movie is more human and shows more frailty than in the other movies. Set in the not too distant future, this Logan is weary and trying to live off the grid in a small Mexican border town. He's also caring for Professor X who is sick with what seems to be some kind of "X-Men dementia". Both characters are darker than the comic book heros they played in the versions of previous X-Men films.

A great deal of the credit (or the blame) for the movie's dark tone goes to director James Mangold. He directed the 2013 Wolverine movie, but his credits also include the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line and 1997's highly acclaimed film Copland with Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone. As a matter of fact the movie opens with the dark Johnny Cash song, "Hurt" a song that Mangold says he chose to give the movie less of a superhero feel to it.

The action in the movie revolves around a young mutant girl (with the same superhero powers as Wolverine) who needs protection form a force of mutant bounty hunters. The young girl, played by actress Dafne Keen, is a savage and a stark contrast to the old and tired Logan of today.

This adult version of X-Men is entertaining, although a bit to violent for my tastes. Perhaps the success of the "R" rated superhero movie Deadpool made the movie company go for an "R" rating on this film. For whatever reason, they got a hardcore X-Men movie that is not suitable for kids. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" Logan rates a MEDIUM. Hollywood Hernandez

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