Movie Review-Power Rangers

Power Rangers is a re-boot of the televison show from the 1990's, but this version is Power Rangers on steroids! With a reported $105 million dollar budget the film is a "Cadilac" compared to the "Smart Car" version that we watched on TV. Critics and the movie industry has over analyzed this movie when talking about who it will appeal to. I say just bring the family and enjoy a movie that has something for everyone, humor, a good young ensemble cast and, of course, plenty of action.

The movie is an "origins" film, giving us the background information on the five new Rangers. For me that was the films only flaw. With all the ground work being laid for future Power Rangers sequels it took a while to get to the action and the battle scenes in the movie.

In Power Rangers five high school misfits find five stones that were placed on earth by the previous generation of Rangers, all of whom were killed in a battle, to be found by five who were worthy to become the next generation of Power Rangers. However, the Power Ranger team has to work together to become the mighty force that can stop the evil Rita, who is hellbent on destroying the world.

The screening I attended had the crowd cheering in their seats and literally clapping durung the movie for our heros. (You don't see that much at screenings where the audience is made up primarily of critics.) The crowd was made up of all ages, from the nostalgic adults who grew up with the TV show, to small kids whose only connection with the Power Rangers is from the action figures and halloween costumes that keep the franchise alive.

The real battle this weekend will be between The Power Rangers and Disney's Beauty and The Beast, with both films going after pretty much the same audience. That should be interesting.

Power Rangers is rated PG-13 for violence and some adult themes and it runs just over two hours. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate Power Rangers a JUMBO!

Hollywood Hernandez

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