Movie Review-Ghost in the Shell

Scarlette Johansson is a cybor robot named Major, with a human brain, in GHOST IN THE SHELL. She's told that her brain was saved in a terrible accident and put into a robot body, which just happens to make her the world's most perfect fighting machine. However, she soon learns that she was lied to. Actually she's one of the many people whose life was taken, not saved, so the technology company that created her can make a whole army of fighting robots. She soon goes on a mission of her own to find her true identity and to stop the company for taking the lifes of any future potential soldiers.

Johansson is perfect for this role (although originally Margo Robbie from Suicide Squad was in talks for the part). She has "robot qualities" in her personality. She can be emotionless and sometimes even bring forth a little smile on her face when she interacts with her specially trained team who are called "Public Security Section 9." And she and her team kick butt. The action is very stylized. It's like a ballet of butt kicking. That was the coolest part of the movie.

The cinematography and the special effects deserve mention too. GHOST IN THE SHELL is set in the 25th century in a ficticious city in Japan. The landscape of the film IS mesmerizing. This is a huge budget film and it was a joy to watch the directors imagined world of the not too distant future.

The movie is based on the highly acclaimed Japenese manga (a stylized cartoon) which has been a TV series, a movie, books and even video games. This movie could be a very profitable franchise for the movie company.

There are a few dead spots in the movie. Perhaps the periods without any action are there so you can see the beautiful lanscapes up on the screen. Otherwise, the film delivers! It's rated PG-13 for sci-fi violence and some disturbing scenes and it has a run time of 109 minutes. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" GHOST IN THE SHELL rates a jumbo.

Hollywood Hernandez

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