Movie Review-Born in China

Just in time for Earth Day 2017 comes a Disney Documentary called BORN IN CHINA. It's a majestic film shot in the mountains of China that shows the life cycle of a herd of elk, a family of rarely seen snow leopards, a mischievous two year old monkey and his family and a mother panda bear with her daughter. John Krasinsky, from the TV show The Office, narrrates the movie, which takes us deep into the wild in China and shows us places rarely

seen by man.

It is a beautiful movie that took four years to film. It shows the intimate lives of the animals involved. From a herd of migrating elk to a rarely seen (much less shot on film) mother snow leopard the movie takes us up close in the life cycle of these rare and exotic creatures. The movie does a great job in the story telling in this real life nature story. It personalizes the families of animals (in a way that only Disney would do) by giving names to the animals such as Tao Tao the golden snub nosed monkey, Dawa the mother snow leopard and, the star of the movie Ya Ya the mother panda bear who's recently given birth to a baby panda bear. The cuteness in this film is off the chart!

The visual experience of BORN IN CHINA is worth the price of admission. The nature and natural beauty of China, away from the big cities with it's huge population, traffic and pollution, is a feast for the eyes. I loved this movie! BORN IN CHINA is rated G and has a short run time of one hour and sixteen minutes. Take the family and experience this excellent Disney documentary. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" BORN IN CHINA is a JUMBO! Hollywood Hernanadez

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