Movie Review-Wonder Woman

The new D.C. Comics movie franchise, Wonder Woman, benefits from a lot of good choices. First, the choice of Gal Gadot, a former member of the Israeli army, as the lead character. She's a martial artist. She's 5'10" and a former fashion model who has great looks along with her athletic skills. She was born to play this role. Another excellent choice was the female director, Patty Jenkins. She portrays Wonder Woman as a "feminine feminist". Our heroine is equal to any man in the movie but it's a subtle portrayal that doesn't beat you over the head. She's simply a strong woman.

In Wonder Woman, Diana/Wonder Woman is introduced as a young girl who starts early with her traing as a defender of the all female island she was placed on, with an entire tribe of Amazonian women, by the gods. She becomes the best of the best after her years of combat training; surpassing even her teacher in her skills.

On the secluded island she had never seen a man before, until Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) drops in after his plane is shot down by German soldiers. When he tells her of the conflict that's killing thousands of people in the outside world (World War I) she decides, against her mother's wishes, that she must do something to help. So, together the two leave the island for a world that Diana knows nothing about and there are some hilarious situations that occur from her innocence with civilization in 1919 England.

While the movie is both funny and romantic, it's strongest element is its action scenes. Once Wonder Woman gets to fighting, forget about it, you can't take your eyes off of her up on the screen. The movie is a bit long (two hours and twenty one minutes) but I never noticed the length. There was plenty of excitement to keep you enthralled for every minute of the film.

Wonder Woman will reprise her role for (at least) two editions of The Justice League (which will also include more D.C. superheroes such as Batman, Superman and The Flash) and I'd bet on another Wonder Woman solo project as well. I thought Wonder Woman was wonderful! The movie is rated PG-13 and on my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate it a JUMBO (with extra butter), my highest rating.

Hollywood Hernandez

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