Movie Review-The Mummy

In the new version of The Mummy Hollywood once again shows us that when a franchise runs out of steam all you have to do is rewind and recast the movie and start all over again. The Mummy franchise had been getting steadily worse over the past few years, finally becoming a direct to DVD movie with The Scorpion King, but the Mummy (2017) makes a strong comeback with the new version staring Tom Cruise.

Cruise, who made his bones as an action star in the Mission Impossible series, does a great job with the action scenes in this reboot and delivers a fine sense of humor that entertains during the slow parts of the movie while we wait for the next big round of action.

Sofia Boutella is the bad girl mummy who's awakened from her eternal rest and who is hell bent on releasing the evil she has been denied during her long slumber. She haunts Nick's (Cruise) dreams with her visions of making him her sacrifice and taking her evil into all eternity with him by her side.

Annabell Wallis is the female Egyptologisit who travels the world helping to prevent the evil from getting loose and Russell Crowe is the corrupt Dr. Henry Jekyll (no joke) who's the head of the ghost busting agency who has some special plans for the female mummy.

The Mummy has a some incredible visual effects and enough action and humor to be entertaining but it's not a great movie. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" (which I rate by the popcorn sizes SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and JUMBO) The Mummy rates a MEDIUM. It has a run time of 1 hour and 50 minutes and it's rated PG-13. Hollywood Hernandez

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