Movie Review-47 Meters Down

47 meters is bout 154 feet. So imagine being at the bottom of the ocean in a shark cage with only about one hour of oxygen to sustain you. And oh yeah, you're also being stalked by humongous, hungry great white sharks. That's the premise of the new movie starring Mandy Moore and Claire Holt. who play two sisters vacationing in Mexico. After one of the sisters gets dumped by her fiance the two sisters are looking for some fun and adventure but they get a little more adventure than they planned for when two Mexican locals convince them to go on a shark seeing excursion on board a rusted out boat owned by the two guys friend. Matthew Modine plays the captain of the raggedy ship.

When the crane that lowers the shark cage collapses the two sisters are plunged to the bottom of the ocean. They are too far down to try and swim back to the surface (they could get a severe case of the bends) and menacing great whites are all around and looking for their next meal.

47 Meters Down is one of those, "oh don't go in there girl" kinda movies. You know, the ones where everybody watching can tell the outcome of a bad choice the characters about to make, except for the characters in the movie. You stay a step ahead of the trapped girls at all times; who make one bad decision after another while being trapped at the bottom of the ocean.

Thank goodness the movie is a quick 1 hour and 29 minutes long and for most of the movie it is a fun time, but eventually the movie becomes tedious. I couldn't have taken much more. 47 Meters Down is rated PG-13 and on my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" it rates a MEDIUM.

Hollywood Hernandez


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