Movie Review-Baby Driver

Baby Driver is a high octane caper movie with Oscar winners Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx in supporting roles. As featured actors Spacey plays "Doc", who coerces "Baby" into being a getaway driver, and Jamie Foxx is "Batts", a bank robber and killer who does more killing than bank robbing. The lead is played by Angel Elgort, who plays Baby, a soft spoken character who is the in the background in the story of his own life.

As a young boy he was involved in a car wreck, that killed both of his parents, and he developed tinnitus (a ringing in his ears that only he can hear). so he uses an iPod to drown out the ringing in his ears and while the heist crew is planning out how to rob a bank, Baby is making a mix-tape to drive to as he drives the getaway car for the crew. He realizes he's in to deep with the crime boss when he meets a young waitress at a coffee shop and "Doc" uses her to keep "Baby" from leaving the life of crime.

I cannot think of a better "car chase movie". The movie had more rocking chase scenes than movies like The Fast and Furious franchise and it also had a lot more humor. The supporting characters push this movie way over the top; especially Jamie Foxx's character "Batts" who is such a hardcore killer that most people who've ever met him are dead. (One of his lines in the movie that I loved was, "The moment you catch feelings is the moment you catch a bullet.")

Baby Driver is a really cool movie. The music and the car driving scenes are the real stars of the movie. It's rated R for violence and has a run time under two hours (1 hr and 53 minutes). On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate Baby Driver a JUMBO.

Hollywood Hernandez

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