Movie Review-Kidnap

Kidnap, starring Halle Berry, is an unapologetically, campy thriller. Halle plays Karla, a single mom who works to make ends meet as a waitress, while her rich ex-husband, who appears to have traded up to a career woman/trophy wife (you never actually see the ex in the movie) sues her for full custody of the couples son.

On a trip to the park Karla sees a woman putting her son in the backseat of a car and the chase begins to get her son back from the kidnappers. Halle spends the first third of the movie chasing the people in the car who snatched up her son Frankie (Sage Correa). The chase scenes will make you groan with the crazy chances Karla takes to keep track of the car with her son is in. (Perhaps she should have taken that same care at the park BEFORE her son was taken.) Finally, Halle runs her min-van into the ground and has to get out to keep tracking her son.

The final hour of the movie will have even the most skeptical of viewers cheering for the exploits of the single mom who will stop at nothing to get her son back. She goes after her son with the relentlessness of a momma bear. The movie takes place in the backwoods of New Orleans and not even the swamps of the Mississippi can keep this mom from her son.

Halle's performance is far from her Oscar winning performance in Monster's Ball, but she gives a solid performance with the script she has to work with. If her Oscar performance in Monster's Ball was "steak and lobster" Kidnap is a "chili dog" with a side of some intense fun. One thing for sure, the movie gives a true representation of how far a mother would go if something happened to one of her children.

The movie lasts about 90 minutes and is an enjoyable thrill ride. It's rated "R" for some violence and some foul language. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate Kidnap a LARGE.

Hollywood Hernandez

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