Dallas Actress Making it Big in Hollywood

Actress Ptosha Storey is a Dallas Texas native who's making it big in Hollywood. She'll appear in Tyler Perry's feature film ACRIMONY alongside Oscar nominee, Taraji P.Henson. The movie opens March 30, 2018 in theaters nationwide.

She can also be seen in the upcoming season of Fox's hit series EMPIRE starting March 28, in her recurring role as Chyna, and she is also in Tyler Perry's popular television series "If Loving you is wrong" on The OWN. So how did this young girl from the projects of Dallas make it to the big time? The answer is an inspiring story that actually reads more like a Hollywood movie script than real life.

In high school Ptosha auditioned and was accepted to the Arts Magnet at Booker T. Washington, where she was classmates with Erykah Badu. She says her time at the arts magnet changed her life. At first she was hesitant to attend the school so she spent part of the school year at Kimball and went part-time to Booker T. Washington. However, by her second year she was hooked and started to attend the arts magnet school full time. She says, "I wouldn't be the woman I am today without the arts. A lot of the teachers saw the good in me that I didn't even see in myself." She went from being a girl who couldn't imagine going to college to an excellent student who had to turn down offers to attend colleges. She decided on SMU where she earned a double major in both Theatrical Studies and African American Studies.

A few years later, as the single mother of a seven year old son, she stepped out on faith to pursure her dream of being a Hollywood Actress. She says she moved to Los Angeles without "knowing a soul" and having to hold down a job to take care of her son. She struggled for years and eventually decided to come home to Dallas, but it was her son who convinced her to tough it out. The actress says, "he told me, if you move back to Dallas I'll just be a regular kid." says Ptosha. So she stayed and her son became much more than just a "regular kid." Her son Jordan L. Jones, a recent graduate of USC and a working film and TV actor in Los Angeles, is set to appear in the Fox TV series "REL" starting this fall.

Ptosha says she sacrificed her own career to be a "regular mom" for her son. She says her agent had a hard time understanding how she could miss a red carpet event to attend her son's school Christmas pagent, but her own beliefs and her faith drove her to raise her son the "right way." She says, "if you honor your children, God will take care of you." Soon she developed an impressive resume of acting credits including guest starring roles on Lifetime’s “Petals on the Wind,” “Key and Peele” and “The Soul Man.” She says also, early in her career, she met Taraji P. Henson; who she is starring with in Tyler Perry's new movie, ACRIMONY. It was Taraji who gave her the thumbs up with Perry when he mentioned he was considering her for the part of Taraji's sister in the movie.

Her story about how she came to work with Perry on "If Loving You is Wrong" is an amazing tale of perseverance.

After her son's graduation she decided she needed to meet Tyler Perry. She says she knew if he met her; they'd end up working together. She was planing a trip to Atlanta, with her mother, where she planned to camp out until she got her opportunity to audition for Perry, but before she could make the trek on her own her agent called with an offer to audition for Perry's production team. She says she got ten pages of script and had to audition the following day. They taped the audition and she was asked to go "off script" for the taping that would be sent to Perry. However, she hadn't memorized the entire ten pages of script. She says she almost cried while sitting in the car after the audition, thinking that she missed the biggest opportunity she'd ever have. But, she got the job. After taping her episode she says she thanked Perry for the opportunity to work on the project when he asked her, "where you going?" He was so impressed with her work he wrote her into more episodes of the show! On working with Perry, Ptosha says he is very humble but there is no doubt that he is in charge. "He writes it, he directs it...I don't know when he ever sleeps" she says about Perry.

With her degree in African American Studies I decided to ask Ms. Storey about how she expects the influence of the highly successful movie, Black Panther, to effect future movies featuring people of color? She answered, "if you do a black movie the world will come, but we've got to keep doing it...and supporting it. We have the attention of the movie industry. What happens next depends on us!"

I found Ptosha Storey's story to be very inspiring and uplifting and I was equally impressed with her love for her hometown of Dallas, Texas. "Dallas is my foundation," says Ms. Storey, "Dallas keeps me humble. All of the influences that I got in Dallas is what sustains me. Home is Love. I'm grateful to have it. Every chance I get, I talk about Dallas." Look for her movie ACRIMONY, starting on March 30th, so we can talk about her.

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