Movie Review-Ant Man and The Wasp

The latest Marvel Comics Universe film is Ant Man and The Wasp. Without the graphic scenes and language of Deadpool 2, this is the funniest (and fun-est) Marvel super hero movie yet. Comic actor Paul Rudd as Ant Man gets most of the credit for that, but T.I. Harris and Michael Pena also add a lot of laughs to the movie.

In Ant Man and The Wasp, Scott (Ant Man) is under house arrest and learning how to get reacquainted with his young daughter after spending his time in prison. Meanwhile Hope/The Wasp, played by Evangeline Lilly, has learned how to use her father's suit to become The Wasp. Her father, played by Michael Douglas, has figured out that his wife may be trapped in a parallel universe and devises an invention involving quantum physics to get her back home after all these years.

Their adversary in the movie is a character called Ghost (Hannah John Kamen). She's the adopted daughter of Dr. Bill Foster ( Laurence Fishburne) who's a former college of Dr. Pym (Douglas). Ghost is stuck between two universes and she wants Dr. Pym's invention for herself to try and fix her abnormal condition.

The real fun of the movie are the special effects and the action scenes. The crew carries a case of Hot Wheel cars with them to use when they become miniature sized and common household items, like a salt shaker, become weapons when they get enlarged to giant sized. It's a real fun movie to watch.

With all of the action, comedy and special effects Ant Man and The Wasp is a very entertaining movie. It has a run time of just under 2 hours and is rated PG-13. This is a real 'popcorn chomper' for sure. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate this movie a JUMBO.

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