Movie Review-Dog Days

DOG DAYS is a very smart romantic comedy that you will love; especially if you love dogs. The movie tells the stories of several couples and how that are all related by one thing; their love of dogs. The movie features an all star cast and tells five stories that intersect including a self absorbed vet and a woman who works at a coffee shop across the street from his office, that same coffee shop worker and an insecure coffee shop customer who has a crush on her, a married couple who adopt a daughter who only comes out of her shell after they find a dog on the street and bring it home, a misfit rock band musician who has to take care of his sister's family dog, and stuffy female TV anchor gets stuck with a retired NFL football player as her TV partner. And the one thing they all have in common is their love for dogs.

Their's also another story line about a widow who loses his dog and develops a friendship with a young student who is also his pizza boy. Of all the story lines in the movie, this relationship is my favorite. The old man, played by Ron Cephas Jones, has already lost his wife and now after losing his "fluffy" four legged friend he has no one in his life; until he develops a friendship with the young teenager.

There's some real heart tugging material in DOG DAYS and there's also a lot of laughs. Through out the movie we see the dogs the people own doing the things that we recognize in our own dogs and then a little bit more. For example, one of the dogs trips out when he eats some marijuana brownies that belong to the drummer in the band.

DOG DAYS is rated PG for some crude humor but I think the movie is still something that young kids will love and I think you will love it too. If you happen to be a couple with a dog this is a perfect movie for you. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate DOG DAYS a LARGE.

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