Tyler Perry's Latest NOT for Church Folks

Tyler Perry's latest project, NOBODY'S FOOL, is a very "adult" R rated romantic comedy. I mentioned that first because it is not one of his Christian faith-based films that the pastor loads up the church bus and takes the congregation to. He really pushes the "R rating" in this movie. Secondly, Tiffany Haddish, while getting top billing in the film, is not the main character in the movie. That spot belongs to Tika Sumpter, a mainstay in previous Tyler Perry projects like "The Have's and the Have-nots" and the 2013 Tyler Perry film A MADEA CHRISTMAS.

When the film opens Danica gets a call from her mother, Whoppie Goldberg, requesting that she pick up her sister Tayna (Haddish) who's just finished a five-year prison sentence. The two sisters are like oil and water. Tanya is a hood chick who doesn't mind scrapping with anyone to settle her differences (man or woman) and Danica is an educated and well-refined executive at an ad agency.

Danica is also involved in a one-year relationship with a man who she has only communicated with on the phone. Her sister Tanya is very quickly convinced that her sister is being "Catfished" and she contacts the TV show on MTV to flush out the catfish. The results are hilarious.

Meanwhile, Danica does have a potential man in real life, played by Omari Hardwick, who treats her like a queen and gives her free coffee and a rose every day when she comes into his coffee shop. However, her potential suitor doesn't meet the requirements which she has put on her list of "must-haves" for a man.

There lies Perry's lesson for the film. While providing plenty of comedy from both Haddish and Goldberg the plot is about a successful woman who would rather be alone than to be with a man with flaws and who is less than perfect. It's something I see as a "less than perfect man" myself every day. I think it is a great jumping off point for conversations on the matter.

NOBODY'S FOOL is funny, sexy and it has a moral to the story that I know a lot of successful women will not admit to, but I would hope the ladies would take a look at themselves in the mirror after seeing this movie.

I got it and I liked it a lot. And by the way be sure and stay until the very end for some funny outtakes from the movie. Don't leave during the credits. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate NOBODY'S FOOL a LARGE!

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