Once Upon a Deadpool Review

What do you get when you edit out the most vulgar scenes from the movie Deadpool 2, one of the biggest R rated moneymakers of all time? You get a PG-13, watered down, version of the film that teenagers can finally watch on the big screen. While it is not as over the top raunchy as the original movie, ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL still leaves the good stuff in it which makes it hilariously funny.

In ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) kidnaps Fred Savage and forces him to listen to a bedtime story of Deadpool 2. The movie does a great job of knocking down the "3rd wall" and talks directly to the audience. It's also filled with puns and pokes fun at itself throughout the movie.

Even if you've seen Deadpool 2 ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL is worth seeing again. Also, the movie has a limited run, through Christmas Eve, where $1 from every ticket sold will go to cancer research.

So the question I'm sure everyone who's a Deadpool fan will ask is, "can Deadpool be just a funny without all of the R rated sex, language, and violence edited out." The answer is "no." But ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL is still pretty darn funny.

The movie has a runtime of just under 2 hours (1 hr and 59 minutes) and on my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL a LARGE.

Click here to watch the movie trailer.

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