Movie Review-Fighting With My Family

FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY is a true story about a family in a small town in England who have been involved in professional wrestling for two generations. The father is an ex-con, who changed his life for the better when he met his wife, and the family's older brother is also serving time in prison. This leaves the teenaged brother and sister to maintain the family business at minor league wrestling match at small venues in the area.

The film's executive producer is Dwayne Johnson, who revises his wrestling persona in the film, "The Rock." The movie also stars Vince Vaugh as the WWE's wrestling trainer for groups of World Champ wannabes at the wrestling tryout camp in Florida. He not only coaches up the potential fighters, but he also has a sense of who can cut in in the league and who can't.

The two family wrestlers, Paige who is played by Florence Pugh and Jack Lowden who plays her brother Zak get a shot at the WWE after they both submit audition tapes to the organization. However, an issue arises when only Paige, the sister, receives an invitation to stick around. Serious issues arise when Paige who's never been away from her family and Zak has to accept that his dream of being a WWE wrestler may never come true. The movie has some great lessons in it about overcoming disappointment and about sacrifice. It's also pretty funny.

FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY is rated PG-13 and has a run time of 1 hour and 48 minutes. Be sure and stick around during the credits for a peek at the real-life wrestling Knight Family. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale, I rate FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY a LARGE.

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