Movie Review- 21 BRIDGES

Chadwick Boseman plays a cop in his first movie since BLACK PANTHER. Boseman plays Andre Davis, a young detective who's father is killed in a shooting where he managed to first kill three of the killers before falling. As Detective Davis says in a hearing before his superiors, being a cop is in his DNA.

While investigating a crime where several police officers are killed Boseman discovers a conspiracy involving his fellow New York police officers and he has to figure out who's a good cop and who is a bad cop. It's ironic that Davis leads the investigation of his fellow cops while he himself has been the target of several Internal Affairs investigations for shootings that he's been involved in.

The movie is smart and there is plenty of action but it's difficult to watch Boseman playing such a different character from T'challa. Still, performances by J. K. Simmons and Sienna Miller as cops and Taylor Kitsch and Stephan James as the bad guys are excellent. The movie is a straight-ahead story without any filler. It's a good crime drama that won't win any awards but it is a very watchable and entertaining movie.

The title 21 BRIDGES refers to the 21 bridges that connect the island of Manhattan with the city, which are closed down after the cops 8 cops are killed. The movie is rated R for graphic violence and has a run time of 1 hour and 39 minutes. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate 21 BRIDGES a LARGE.

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