Group Serves Free Meals to Unemployed

In response to the rapid closure of restaurants and subsequent job loss for service industry employees due to Covid-19, 8020 Concepts saw first-hand the immediate struggle individuals are facing in this crisis – many people are uncertain where their next meal will come from. 8020 Concepts has created the Everybody Eats initiative to provide free meals to families of individuals that have been laid off or displaced due to the virus.

The insight behind Everyone Eats is that across the 5 (functioning) restaurants in 8020’s portfolio, they have kitchen infrastructure, cooking expertise, and logistics ability to feed a large number of people. By turning their restaurants into food production and distribution centers, they can help alleviate the pain point of access to food as people struggle with under-employment during this crisis. 8020 Concepts alone has over 500 displaced employees and the total number across DFW numbers in the 10’s of thousands.

8020 Concepts is a DFW restaurant group founded in 2013 on the premise of serving others above all else. Although the Covid-19 spread has required 8020 to close their dining rooms to the public, their kitchens will remain open and their desire to serve others has turned into a necessity.

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