Have you ever watched a movie that was really bad and you kept waiting for it to get better, but it never did? Such is the case with SELAH AND THE SPADES. Perhaps it's because the movie is about 17-year-old high school kids that I simply couldn't relate to. The movie was so bad that if I didn't have to write this review I would have shut it off. The movie is a pay per view film on Prime Video.

SELAH AND THE SPADES is a serious hardcore drama about a private high school boarding school that is run by five factions. Lovie Simone plays Selah and she is the best thing about the movie. In the film, she is the head of the five factions. It's no coincidence that there are five factions in the movie because the movie has the feel of a teen version of The Godfather.

Selah decides who's in and who's out in the clique and she goes from sweet to nasty as the head of the five factions. She's a gangster with the heads of the five factions and caring and nurturing with her protege, who she grooms to take her spot once she heads off to college.

A quote from the movie that pretty much sums up the film is, "when you are 17. you've got to grab control wherever you can." That's what SELAH AND THE SPADES is all about; a young black girl seeking her place in the world. An R rated teen film is simply not my idea of entertainment and did not enjoy this movie at all. Perhaps a teen girl may find the movie interesting; I did not.

SELAH AND THE SPADES has a run time of 1 hour and 37 minutes, 1 hour and 37 minutes that I would like back in my life. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" SELAH AND THE SPADES rates a SMALL.

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