Nia Long is the Executive Producer of the new NETFLIX Thriller called FATAL AFFAIR and I was eagerly anticipating her first time producing effort. However, I was sadly disappointed. There is not much that I can say positive about this movie other than the films' primarily African American cast. Long, who cast the movie, didn't show any kind of diversity in her characters.

FATAL AFFAIR is about a successful couple who are empty nesters and move out of the city to a dream home on the beach. Nia Long's character Ellie is a successful attorney who has one more case to wrap up before opening up her own private practice in the beach side community where the couple live.

As she's working on her final case an old college flame, David, played by Omar Epps is hired by her firm. He's a computer hacker who can get information that the firm needs to win cases but his methods fly just below the limits of legality.

The two former classmates meet for a happy hour and after a few drinks too many they end up in an "entanglement" that Ellie regrets and runs home to her husband with a guilty conscience. Here's where the drama starts in the film as we find out just how crazy David really is.

He starts to stalk Ellie, peeking into her windows from the beach and even breaking into her home to spy on Ellie and her family. By the way Ellie's daughter Britnay, Aubrey Cleland, is staying in the house on a break from college.

David really gets intense when he uses his computer hacking skills to begin sending Ellie photos and videos of the two of them and threatening to send them to her husband. When one of Ellie's girlfriends ends up being attacked she finally has to spill the beans on her indiscretion with David to her husband Marcus, played by Stephen Bishop.

Like most of the movie it has a very predictable ending. Director Peter Sullivan, who's mainly directed TV movies, has put together a movie that should have played on Lifetime instead of NETFLIX.

The movie is rated TV-14 and runs just at 90 minutes long (mercifully).

On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate FATAL AFFAIR a MEDIUM.

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