Movie Review-COLD FEET

COLD FEET is a Nigerian romantic drama that shows infidelity is the same, no matter what the culture or language. The film begins with a loving husband, played by Jim Ikye, treating his wife, who he absolutely adores, to a surprise birthday party followed by an exotic vacation to celebrate the couple's fifth year wedding anniversary. His wife, played by Joselyn Dumas, is a workaholic and is hesitant to leave her work behind but agrees to the second honeymoon.

While at the resort Omoye (Dumas) runs into an old lover and during their stay the two become entangled, however; her old flame Tare (Enyinna Nwigwe) is at the resort with his girlfriend, who he plans to propose to. It is an excellent story about the lives of two couples and the heartbreak that is caused by infidelity. Beverly Naya plays the girlfriend of the unfaithful boyfriend Tare.

The movie has plenty of unpredictable plot twists that will keep you entertained and the acting is excellent. Dumas plays a character who is very unlikeable, but that changes in the end and Naya's character is gut wrenching as a scorned lover.

As far as the male characters are concerned Ikye is very likable as a husband who'd do anything for his wife while the other male lead, Nwigwe, is despicable as a character who hurts everyone in the movie without any hint of guilt.

In the end though the movie has a very satisfying ending with a lesson learned as well. The movie, showing on NETFLIX, is rated TV-14 with a run time of 1 hour and 37 minutes. on my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate COLD FEET a MEDIUM.

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