DARK TRESOR-The Series is a locally produced movie from the team of Richard Davis and Jamilia Marie who head up Black Motion Media, a film company whose goal is to bring more minority performers to the big screen. DARK TRESOR will be presented on various PPV movie platforms beginning early in 2021, but I had a chance to see it at the series' Dallas premiere. 

DARK TRESSOR stars Nadirah Shakir as Detective Jasmine. She gets involved with the group of vampire call girls while investigating the disappearances of young women in the Dallas area. I can't recall ever seeing a movie with beautiful African American vampire prostitutes. It's a wild and outrageous premise that I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed.

Billionna Olivia Reyes plays the vampire madame, Ruby and there are a host of beautiful vampire call girls who are killing the Dallas elite at private parties at Dallas' hot spots. Detective Jasmine gets into the middle of the fray while investigating the men's murders. There's a power struggle between the vampires and a couple of the ladies reveal their true self to the detective, and her partner, who is smitten with Ruby the vampire madame. The movie has a great surprise ending that hit me like a ton of bricks.

DARK TRESSOR also deals with issue of human trafficking of young women who are forced into the sex slave industry. (Sidenote: law enforcement statistics report that over 400 women in the Dallas are go missing every single night.)

Richard Davis and Jamila Marie did a great job with a most unlikely story. They took a wild premise (Black call girl vampires who feast on their clients) and made a wildly creative and entertaining movie. Be sure and look for it when it comes out on streaming platforms online. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate DARK TRESOR a JUMBO!    

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