In the 1960's four young men from New Jersey, led by Franki Valli, create a new musical sound that is partially pop and partially R&B and the sound sweeps the nation with hit after hit. That group was The Four Seasons and Jersey Boys tell their story.

Whether you are young or old you'll enjoy the story of these four young men. I've seen the play every time it's been in Dallas and it never disappoints. It's the music that carries the show but the story of the four young men, as it's tracks forty years of their lives, is the cherry on top,

The group's issues with each other and loans from the Mafia threaten to tear apart the group..In the end one member is thrown out of the group and The Four Seasons are left with a million dollars in debt to repay. Frankie has to pay back the loans to save his friend who's now on a Mafia list.

Original group members Frankie Valli and Bob Gaudio (who also composed the plays' music) served as executive producers of the original Tony Award winning production.

The musical, with classic Four Seasons songs like December '63, Oh what a night, Sherry, Walk like a man, span over 40 years of hit songs The group sold over 100 million records and had 10 #1 hits. Putting them in the same category of groups like The Beatles and Elvis Presley.

JERSEY BOYS is pure entertainment. I found myself singing the music the day after seeing the show. The play is a pure delight! JERSEY BOYS is in town through January 9th at The Music Hall at Fair. Tickets start at $72.

I loved it and on my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate JERSEY BOYS a JUMBO.

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