EASTER SOMEDAY is a magical tale about a little girl Eva, played by Savanna Jordyn, who makes a wish to be away from her parents because they push her to do well in her studies. She finds herself in a magical place called Someday where she meets a mystic woman who can read her thoughts and she finds out she has to complete a series of tasks or end up in this fantasy realm forever.

With the help of a book called "The Book of Wishes" she receives all of the instructions she needs for her journey. She has to pursue a magic Easter Bunny in order to collect all of the gold eggs she needs to make her wish to get back home.

Young Savanna, in just her second movie and her first in a starring role, is as sweet as cotton candy in the movie. She does an incredible job of carrying the movie while an entire cast of adults, including her real life mother Sophia Knolton, play supporting roles in this fantasy adventure.

It's hard to keep your objectivity when you have a friend involved in a movie project (Sophia Knolton and I have been friends for many years) but this movie stands on its own as an excellent film project. Remember the name Savanna Jordyn. She's gonna be in the movie business for a long time to come and I'm expecting great things from this young lady.

EASTER SOMEDAY is a wonderful family film with a great message for kids which is be careful what you wish for. The movie is available on the major PPV channels, including Amazon Prime, Fandango, Vudu and Tubi. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate EASTER SOMEDAY a LARGE.

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