Movie Review-HIS HOUSE

HIS HOUSE is a NETFLIX film about a family of refugees who escape the atrocities of the Sudan and seek asylum in England. The couple are played by Sope Dirusu, who plays the husband, Bol Majur and Wunmi Masiku, who plays his wife Rial. After living for three months in a ramshackle dorm the couple get probationary asylum and are moved to a house on the outskirts of London. The house is filthy with peeling walls and dirty furniture but the couple do the best they can to male it livable. 

On their first night in the home Bol discovers that they've been followed to their new home by demons from the Sudan including their daughter who drowned in an overcrowded motor boat when they crossed the Medetiranian. The beasts live in the walls of the house, which is where they escape to every night when Bol tries to confront them.

However, the couple suffer through the haunting because of the strict rules given to them by the British government to remain at the same address or be deported back to the war torn country of Sudan. 

The movie seemingly starts out with a lot of missing information to the story, but all that occurred to the family is revealed in the last third of the film and there's some scary stuff going on that is a thrill a minute in this very enjoyable horror spectacle. In the end everything makes sense and the story is very gratifying. 

HIS HOUSE is rated TV-14 and has a run time of 1 hour and 33 minutes. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate HIS HOUSE a LARGE.  

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