Movie Review-M. Legend Brown's JO AND THE REAPER

JO AND THE REAPER is a new film from Dallas area storyteller M. Legend Brown. The film is a simple "slice of life" story about a struggling couple living in Fort Worth. Timeca M. Seretti is the girlfriend who loses everything she has by depending on her small time drug dealing boyfriend (Julius Gregory). She loses her home giving all of her money to her boyfriend and she gets behind six months on her rent at her chicken and fish shack the same way.

The two move into a roach motel and, desperate for money, she agrees with her boyfriend's latest money making scheme. She agrees to let him to operate a craps game in the back of her establishment on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. The game brings in low lives from all over the neighborhood leading to robberies and car jackings outside the front door of the gambling joint. It appears that it will be in a short while that the restaurant and club are hit and it finally does.

Throughout the film the couple make a series of bad choices the led to violence and even the church's pastor gets car jacked after spending some time at the crap table. I like the style of story telling used by M. Legend Brown. He usually has a good moral or a positive point that he makes in all of his films. But this movie was slow paced and was on a one way ticket to hell from the very beginning. The only point to this film was the cautionary tale of how bad choses can ruin your life.

I recognized a few local actors in the film like former Dallas Cowboy Greg Ellis and singer, actress and homelessness advocate Le Titia Owens and they gave good performances but overall the film's story was a little weak. JO AND THE REAPER is a cautionary tale of what not to to if you find yourself down on your luck. That is what I walked away from the movie with. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate this movie a MEDIUM.

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