MIDNIGHT SKY is a science fiction adventure currently showing on NETFLIX. Clooney plays a scientist who's spending his final days in the Arctic. He's facing the pending end of the world and also treatinging himself for a terminal disease. Clooney's character, Augustine, is a melancholy survivor who's just spending each day trying to do what he can to save mankind.

Clooney, who directs the film, delivers a film that is at times confusing and the story lacks any type of depth. Augustine is surprised by a young girl, who is mute, who hid at the complex when all of the people who worked there were flown out while the impending destruction of the Arctic was upon them. The young girl Iris, played by Caoilinn Springall, adds a little bit of an addition to Clooney's character, who was previously depressed everyday, but it's just not enough to add much of a jolt to the film.

There is also a confusing element of a spacecraft, which Augustine is in contact with, that is hurtling toward earth. The crew of the spacecraft try to contact earth but are unable to receive any response, leaving Clooney as their only information as to what's happening down on the planet.

The connection between Augustine and Iris in the Arctic and the spaceship fighting to survive in space was hard for me to connect the dots to. Leaving an uneven and a complicated story to follow.

I wasn't a fan of MIDNIGHT SKY. I expected so much more from the acting and directing skills of George Clooney. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" this movie rates a MEDIUM.

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