Movie Review-MLK/FBI

MLK/FBI is a powerful documentary by director Sam Pollard, who co-directed 4 LITTLE GIRLS

with Spike Lee in 1997. The movie is not so much about the historic accomplishments of Dr. King,

but rather about the war that was waged by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI against MLK. Hoover,

who once called King "the most dangerous Negro in America"; put together a special team of G-

men whose mission was to find embarrassing information about King's personal life to discredit

him as a civil rights leader.

The movie is based on recently released information on King's surveillance that was recently

declassified. More detailed information will also be released in 2017. The movie takes us back to

the darkest days in the history of the FBI when King was harassed and illegally spied on by the

organization. It also raises questions about the FBI’s knowledge of King's assassination attempt.

If a whole team of agents was spying on King why wasn't anything done to stop, or at least warn,

King about the plot on his life?

The movie is brilliantly shot using voice-overs of historical figures, like Andrew Young, without

ever breaking from the archival footage of Dr. King. It gives you the feeling that you were

actually there, witnessing history as it unfolded. 

MLK/FBI uses the newly released information to give a true picture of one of the greatest civil

rights champions in American history who, with all his flaws, fought for equality. He risked his own

life with a non-violent movement that in the end took his life.

MLK/FBI is available on Amazon Prime Video just in time for the MLK Holiday. On my "Hollywood

Popcorn Scale"; I rate this movie a JUMBO.   

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