MORTAL KOMBAT has been on life support since 1997 with a version of the film that was universally hated by critics and MORTAL KOMBAT fans. A third MORTAL KOMBAT script languished in movie hell until Australian director Simon McQuoid had his name attached to the project in 2015. McQuoid first made a name for himself directing commercials, one of which was a 2011 spot for Play Station which brought together some of the games greatest characters. That earned him a shot at directing the movie.

MORTAL KOMBAT goes back to the basics as it tries to reboot the series and continue with the movie franchise. It appears that he achieved his goal. In his first feature film he brings back a lot of the original characters from the game,

like Sub-Zero and Scorpion. The premise of the film is that the earth's fighters are locked into a series of MMA battles with fighters from another planet called, Outworld. If Outworld wins the battle they will also win the rights to takeover our realm. They currently lead the battle 9 matches to 1.

The story of the movie was a little confusing but the special effects and the gory fight scenes redeem the film. It's rated R for some intense violence and lasts just under 2 hours. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" MORTAL KOMBAT rates a LARGE. It's showing at theaters and streaming on HBO/Max.

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