The first thing you need to remember when watching SNAKE EYES: G.I. JOE ORIGINS is it's a movie about an action figure; so don't expect too much. The movie starts with a young Snake Eyes seeing his father murdered by a group of COBRA henchmen. He spends his adult years as an underground cage match fighter who drifts from town to town fighting and who has no family or anyplace to call home.

That changes when he saves the life of an undercover spy who he works with in a criminal organization. His new best friend Tommy, played by Andrew Koji, takes him home to his family in China. The family has hundreds of years of kung fu tradition and trains Snake Eyes, played by Henry Golding, in a series of tests that he must pass or die trying.

The fight scenes are some of the best I've seen in a movie so far this year. The rest of the movie, frankly, is just dumb. There is no chemistry between the actors and I think that's because they spend so little time in scenes together.

SNAKE EYES: G.I. JOE ORIGINS is a movie aimed at 10-12 year old boys who like playing with action figures and seems like a long commercial aimed at selling toys and accessories. Don't waste your time on this movie.

On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I give this movie a MEDIUM.

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