With a stellar cast, Denzel Washington, Rami Malek and Jarod Leto, I had high expectations for the Crime Drama THE LITTLE THINGS, but in this thriller a great cast can't overcome a weak script. Longview, Texas native, John Lee Hancock (who wrote the 2009 football biopic THE BLINDSIDE), both directed and wrote THE LITTLE THINGS and he missed his mark with both the script and his direction of the film.

The movie runs at a slow pace and is just simply boring (I nodded off at one point in the film). Almost the entire movie is delivered at a slow and tedious pace. It's only the last twenty minutes that had some action and gave a thorough explanation of what the title means of the movie. Washington and Malek spend the entire movie trying to catch a serial killer, played by a very creepy Jarod Leto.

In the movie Denzel is a burnt out cop with a tortured past and Malek is a young, hotshot detective who needs some work on his social skills. Together Washington becomes a mentor to the young hotshot teaching him some unorthodox methods of catching a killer. The movie has a throwback feel to it similar to SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and KISS THE GIRLS. However, the movie never reaches the level of those two films and simply has the feel of a 90's knockoff. The movie is rated R for violence, language and nudity. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate this murder mystery a MEDIUM.

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