THE MANY SAINTS OF NEWARK is showing at theaters and streaming on HBO/MAX. It's a prequel to the Sopranos series and takes viewers back to the earlier years of the series and gives you a real insight into the Soprano family.

The movie is set in the younger days of Tony Soprano, in the 60's and 70's, and shows a pre-teen and teenaged Tony. Crime and murder is the signature of the family but more than anything is's about family. The New Jersey mob is a tight group

Just like in The Sopranos the mob bosses suffer from mental issues and they could use some counseling but hard drinking and violence against their rivals is how they deal with their emotions.

The younger version of the crew is a real joy. Junior, Livia, and Johnny are featured as the old crew. Christopher's father Dickie Moltiasatanti is featured as a mobster that Tony Soprano loves and he learns about how to be a criminal with Dickie's influence.

James Gandolfini's son Michael play's the teenage Tony and gives a great performance in the crime drama. The only issue I had was that the film is filled with too much content. The movie could have easily been a season long series. We barely get into the story. I could have used more of the background story.

The movie is rated R for violence and lasts 2 hours. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate THE MANY SAINTS OF NEWARK a JUMBO.

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