THUNDER FORCE is new on Netflix this week. It stars Melissa McCarthy and Ovtavia Spencer as former childhood best friends. After Lydia (Melissa McCarty) gets injected with a venom created by Emily (Octavia Spencer) the two former best friends become superheros. However, Lydia and Emily are not the only two people with superpowers.

In the story a superblast hits the city of Chicago in 1983 creating several super villains who wreak havoc upon the city of Chicago. It's left up to the two woman, who create the name THUNDER FORCE for their team, to save the city from destruction at the hands of the Miscreants

The movie is a hodgepodge of different story lines, from the two girls as high school best friends and what ended their friendship to a "Girl Power" superhero story with the two super friends out to save the city. The two different plot lines just don't quite mix together very well.

The two old friends couldn't have chosen more different paths in Life. Emily is a world famous scientist who spent her entire life trying to follow in the footsteps of her parents, who were both brilliant scientists. They were both killed in the superblast in '83. Meanwhile Lydia is a forklift driver who sneaks in a few beers while she's on the job.

The movie has a few good laughs in it and the superhero scenes are action packed but the movie just didn't put enough on the plate to leave me satisfied. The movie is rated PG-13 and on my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate THUNDER FORCE a MEDIUM,

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