Movie Review-WRATH OF MAN

WRATH OF MAN has Jason Strathan cast in the familiar action/adventure role, which he plays so well. Strathan teams up with action film director Guy Ritchie to play the kind of roles they are both good at. Strathan plays a character simply known as H who has a mysterious past and goes to work for a truck delivery company that hauls millions in cash to companies all over the Los Angeles area.

Early in the film, while off duty, H is called in on a heist with his teenage son in tow. His son is killed during the robbery and he spends the rest of the film looking for revenge on the man who murdered his son.

Ritche has a unique directing style where he puts together a tight night group of actors who seem to improvise the scenes to the point where you never know what's going to happen next. It's a very creative way to tell the story

There's plenty of gunplay and violence in the film and the movie earns its R Rating. The movie is based on a French film called Le Convoyeur, which came out in 2004, and it has a little bit of humor at the start but it winds up with a very serious ending of the film.

Neither Strathan or Ritchie is at their best in the film, but overall WRATH OF MAN is a very entertaining action/adventure film. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" WRATH OF MAN rates a LARGE.

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