MARY J. BLIGE'S MY LIFE is a celebration, both of the 25th anniversary of her highly acclaimed My Life CD and of her triumph of overcoming her past life to become the Queen of Hip Hop Soul. The movie takes an emotional look at Mary's journey through life, overcoming low self esteem, drug addiction and abusive relationships. The on camera interviews with Mary are the meat of the film and they are some of the most personal insights into her past life that you've ever seen. They are raw and offer a true insight to her humble beginnings as a young girl growing up in the ghetto. One thing that can be said of Mary is that she always keeps it real.

The movie also features personal interviews with Sean "Puffy" Combs, Taraji P. Henson and Alicia Keys. The three add additional insight into the life of Mary J. Blige. MY LIFE also includes interview segments with family and her early music producers.

My Life, considered to be her best album by many critics as well as fans, sold over 400,000 copies in it's first week in release, and was the #1 Hip Hop album the week it came out in 1994. Mary has since released 13 CDs and has sold over 1 Million units over her career.

MARY J. BLIGE'S MY LIFE is directed by Academy Award winning director Vanessa Roth who is known for her documentary's on social justice issues. She's directed a powerful film that is raw and deeply emotional. MY LIFE is rated R and comes out June 25th on Amazon Prime Video. On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" MARY J. BLIGE'S MY LIFE rates a JUMBO!

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